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Organic Maple Syrup
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Pink Himalayan Salt
Olive Oil
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Our Signature BBQ sauce Saweet Heat, is loaded with fresh, all natural flavors. Both vivacious & versatile, the balance between saweet and heat is No Joke! We get hungry just thinking about it!
We could no longer keep this wicked secret. This is the Honey Mustard to end all others (our opinion only). Just the right bite, to cover anything you make, day or night!

Spring Sauces

Strawberry Habanero

(image coming soon)
Just the right amount of berry to compliment the subtle heat .. Can't. Get. Enough!
Pork, Pork, Pork.... Do you see the trend here? With a Dark Vermont Maple Syrup and sweet, organic dark cherries, we bring you a simply sweet and smooth BBQ sauce that pairs best with chicken and PORK! Did someone say ribs!!?
We literally don't have enough words to describe this Spring favorite. Complete flavor overload!! The one that got this all started! Pairs great with, fish, chicken, pork, beef, pizza and veggies.